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Miracle Bamboo Salt 300gm


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Bamboo salt with special efficacy in health maintenance has been the Korean’s favorite seasoning ingredient. Miracle Bamboo Salt is made by inserting natural sea salt acquired from the west coastal of Korea into three-year-old raw bamboos, which will be put in loess kiln and baked in high temperature with pine tree fire wood. As a result, it integrates the medical efficacy of bamboo, loess, turpentine and other natural materials that bring great results to wellness. Korean women are usually having good skin texture; this is mainly contributed by their daily consumption of bamboo salt and its related products. Ingesting bamboo salt can help bowel cleansing and digestive disorder. Bamboo salt can be an anti-inflammatory and anti-toxic agent when applied externally. Besides, it also effective for slimming, reducing body fat and improving our body’s pH level.

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