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Maltofer syrup – preparation of iron. Contains iron in the form of a polymaltose complex of iron hydroxide. This macromolecular complex is stable and does not release iron in the form of free ions in the digestive tract. The structure of the active substance of the preparation of Maltofer is identical with the natural ferritin iron compound. Due to this similarity, iron comes from the intestine into the blood via active transport. The absorbed iron binds to ferritin and is deposited in the body, mainly in the liver. Then, in the bone marrow it is included in the hemoglobin.

Iron, which is part of the polymaltose complex of iron hydroxide does not have pro-oxidant properties, unlike simple iron salts.

There is a correlation between the severity of iron deficiency and the level of its absorption (the greater the severity of iron deficiency, the better the absorption). The most active absorption process occurs in the duodenum and small intestine.

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