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Madaus Ialumar Isotonic Spray Solution 100ml


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Every area of our body must be protected from external agents. Our nose is not an exception, since when we breathe we can contract many of the bacteria that are found in the environment, in addition that due to the mucous membrane it is necessary to take a daily integral cleaning of this apparatus that helps us to breathe.

Ialumar is sea water that helps you in the daily hygiene of your nose and prevents nasal congestion, the action produced by hyaluronic acid helps in the healing of micro lesions.The dilution of seawater makes it non-irritating.

This product comes in a container where the solution is isolated from the external environment, as it is in a bag of a non-toxic material inside a metal-free bottle. The medium in which it is contained is pressurised air and is contained internally in the bottle. It has a valve that allows the contents of the product to dissipate through the affected area.

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