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LP757Ca Extreme Ankle Support


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This LP Extreme Ankle Support provides support and compression to a weak or injured ankle and helps your ankle to heal faster following injury.The open toe and heel design allows full range of movement, and the reinforced Figure 8 strap helps increase ankle stability and limit extreme motion of the ankle.The unique Velcro strap with open-heel design fits most ankle sizes and provides easy application.The LP Extreme Ankle Support is made from innovative Coolprene® material, which provides dynamic protection and helps to keep the skin dry. This makes the support ideal for use over longer period.Measure circumference just above the ankle boneONE SIZE7 ½ – 10 “19.1 – 25.4CMHand wash with mild soap in cold water. Rinse thoroughly. Air dry at room temperature. Do not machine wash or dry.

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Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm
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