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LP604L Ankle Support


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The LP 604 Elasticated Ankle support is a comfortable neoprene free support, which provides compression and warmth, and general stability. The support, due to its low profile nature, fits comfortably inside shoes, boots or skates, excellent for helping treat strains or sprains.

The LP 604 Elasticated Ankle Support provides excellent compression and warmth to the area, which can be very effective against arthritis. When an arthritic joint becomes cold it can easily seize up, increasing the pain. The LP 604 would keep the ankle warm, which can help against the pain, and increase the blood flow which would help to reduce the inflammation and swelling in the ankle too.

For general swollen ankles, either through injury or related conditions, the LP 604 Elasticated Ankle Support can really help reduce the swelling by providing compression to the ankle.

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Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm
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