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LP 710S Hinged Knee Stabilizer


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LP SUPPORT Hinged Knee Support (710-S) The knee support device has a strong lateral core which helps reduce the flow of blood vessels. Maintain warmth and help reduce pain There is a grand iron side to help support the knees. There is an opening to help support the patella. Benefits of knee support 1. To prevent repeated injuries in patients with knee injuries Or help tighten the muscles around the knee in people with weak muscles around the knee 2.Knee the knee and prevent stretching – excessive bending of the knee Prevent knee-flexion in the event of hamstrings muscle weakness and prevent knee collapse in the case of quadriceps muscle weakness, with strong muscles around the ankle Benefits of the knee support – There is a unique design to have a ball opening directly. And has a special woven fabric Around the ball Therefore providing flexibility and a secure fit for the knees As well as providing maximum support around the knee. – Wearing comfortable, well ventilated. – Used to wear the knee to relieve pain, sprains and sprains in the knee joints. People who have to stand for a long time or who are overweight Or wear to help prevent injury from exercise or sports – reduce or relieve pain, swelling of the injured knee Including protection of muscles and tendons around the injured knee. Suitable for those who have knee injuries. Features a steel hinged side support the patella support Velcro velcro. The upper and lower helps to tighten.

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