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First Teeth Baby Toothpaste 42.5g


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Aquafresh® First Teeth baby toothpaste is specially designed for babies aged 0–2 years and should be used as soon as a baby’s first tooth emerges. The toothpaste does not include fluoride and come in child friendly apple banana flavour. Milk, sleep, diaper change, milk, sleep, diaper change. We know the daily routine and diets of babies are predictable. Have no fear, Aquafresh® is here! Our dental experts have come up with a special training formula. Milk teeth start appearing from 3-12 months
The enamel on your babies milk teeth is more susceptible to attack. So our dental experts have come up with a special formula that’s not only tough on decay, but also less abrasive than regular toothpastes. It also contains the appropriate amount of fluoride for babies as well as coming in a gentle mint ‘baby-friendly flavour’. Milk teeth aren’t practice teeth, so taking care of them means you are helping to ensure that, when the time comes, children’s big teeth (waiting in the gums) come through straight, healthy and strong – ready to create that all important grown-up smile.

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