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Provides the body with optimum energy build-up and strengthens the body defenses against stress in periods of rapid growth and development, physical and mental strains, pregnancy and lactation; cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and hepatic disorders; acute and chronic infections; hyperthyroidism, febrile and toxic conditions; traumatic injuries, burns and fractures; and before and after surgical interventions. Supplies the body with these vitamins where it is difficult to meet the body requirements due to poor eating habits or deficient intake of food, in adolescents, elderly individuals, alcoholics, individuals on weight reducing or restricted diets, diabetics and convalescents. For prevention and treatment of specific vitamin deficiencies, in anemias, tropical and non-tropical sprue, beriberi, scurvy, pellagra, during and after radiation therapy, and during prolonged treatment with antibiotics and antituberculosis drugs.

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