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(Cirit-Birit) Novalac Diarinova Special Formula 600g


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Novalac AD provides nutritional support and helps prevent dehydration in babies with diarrhoea. Diarrhoea requires special care in young infants. Novalac AD is formulated to be easily digestible and has a carefully tailored electrolyte content that aids water absorption and helps prevent dehydration.- Special formula in case of diarrhoea, can help stop Diarrhoea – Suitable for babies aged between 0 to 12 months. Novalac Diarinova is a unique product that has been specially developed to substitute milk formulas during a diarrhea episode. Novalac Diarinova feeds and preserves the infant’s hydration during and after a diarrhea episode. For prevention, or in the case of dehydration in infants during a diarrhea episode, Novalac Diarinova may be used in conjunction with an oral electrolyte solution like Hydranova. Novalac Diarinova is a transitory feeding that shall be used in the case of diarrhea. Always follow your health care professional’s instructions and advice.

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