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Biogrow HPF 5 380gm


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Biogrow HPF-5TM is a great choice for the whole family! Just one scoop per day provides:
– More than 61% protein all 9 essential amino acids
– Fiber (wheat resistant dextrin)
– Unique combination of calcium, magnesium & Vitamin D3
– A restriction of calorie intake helps in weight management. One scoop of Biogrow HPF-5TM provides only 54 Calories (or kcal), which constitutes only 2.2% – 2.7% of the average daily energy requirement of an adult (2000 – 2500 Calories/day).
– Additionally, Biogrow HPF-5TM has no cholesterol and it is very low in saturated fat. Moreover, Biogrow HPF-5TM that has no sugar-added and all plant based, is suitable for diabetics and vegetarians.

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