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AJGM Al Jannah Kopi Mahkota Dewa 20S


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Arabica coffee is considered superior to Robusta coffee for several reasons. It has a much more delicate, rounded flavor than Robusta and many other varieties of coffee. Arabica coffee beans can generally be described as sweet and soft, with notes of berries, other fruits and sugar. Some are sharp and tangy, while some have a distinctive blueberry note after roasting, and some are floral, light and Highly fragrant.
Arabica coffee is generally much more expensive than Robusta coffee because it is harder and costlier to grow, it produces a lower yield and it is in higher demand. Many of the world’s more expensive coffee blends are produced with only Arabica blends, while cheaper coffee blends tend to contain more Robusta. Whereas most specialty coffees will be Arabica-only.

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