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All about professional pharmacy services

All about professional pharmacy services

All about professional pharmacy services


Our story 我们的故事

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Coles Pharmacy (“trading name”) was incorporated in Malaysia under the Company Act 1956 as a private limited company under the name Cole Pharmacy Sdn. Bhd (“Company name”). The name of Coles Pharmacy derived from the founder’s name, Pharmacist Nicole Woon. Coles Pharmacy with the meaning of Cole’s Pharmacy, which is owned by Pharmacist Ni”cole”.


The founder Pharmacist Nicole Woon also known as the core management member in Coles Pharmacy, possesses background as a pharmacist with 6 years experience in both United Kingdom and Malaysia. Before her practice as registered pharmacist, she completed her Master Degree in Pharmacy with the University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom. The biggest contribution by Pharmacist Nicole Woon is, delivering her experience from the United Kingdom to the local pharmacists.


Coles Pharmacy began her first pharmacy retail outlet at Pendamar Indah, Klang. Subsequently, she offers joint venture and career opportunity to interested registered pharmacists with the slogan, Together We Grow!


Our Mission – Providing 100% best pharmacy quality and satisfy our customers with useful health advice.

Our Vision –  To gain the respectful status of pharmacist in Malaysia.

Coles Pharmacy 是一家根据马来西亚1956年商业注册法令所成立的私人有限公司,名为Cole Pharmacy Sdn. Bhd.。Coles Pharmacy 源至创办人的洋名, Pharmacist Nicole Woon。Coles Pharmacy或Cole’s Pharmacy,Ni”cole” 的药剂公司。


创办人Pharmacist Nicole Woon也是Coles Pharmacy里的主要成员,具备着6年在英国和马来西亚的药剂经验。在还没成为专业药剂师前,她在英国史崔克萊大學 [University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom] 完成了药剂硕士学位。Pharmacist Nicole Woon 最大的贡献就是向本地的药剂师传达了英国的药剂经验。


Coles Pharmacy的第一家药剂店位于Pendamar Indah, Klang。Coles Pharmacy 提供了合伙与职业机会给各专业药剂师。口号为,一起,我们成长!


我们的任务 – 提供一流的药剂服务和在健康资讯里,满足我们的顾客。

我们的愿景 – 在马来西亚获得药剂师们应得的尊重。

Management 主要成员